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Branding By Design

I am a designer specializing in brand development. I founded two boutique agencies where I design for companies of all sizes across the U.S.

Clients have included Sprint, Pepsi Bottling, Gaiam and many mid-size and up-and-coming small businesses.

I develop 100% of the design on each project. My support cast includes a small team of writers and web & app developers.

And I have a proven record developing strong brands and individual pieces of collateral for clients in a diverse range of market segments.

Print + Web Capabilities

A Few Clients

A brief Introduction

15 years design experience. 23 awards worth mentioning. 6 magazine features and mentions. 4 design book features and mentions. I have a passion for multidisciplinary brand development - taking a brand from a logo design seedling and growing a brandscape with brochures, advertising, trade show graphics, apps, and on and on. With both agency and corporate experience, I possess leadership skills for handling client-side diplomacy and team-member management. I bring a patient and positive winning philosophy to each project and the corporate environment.